4 Axis Linkage Servo Motor Control Coil Insulaltion Taping Machine

four Axis Linkage Servo Motor Management Coil Insulaltion Taping Equipment

This Automatic CNC Taping Device is utilized for multi-function insulation tape bandaging of AC motor stator framework coil, rotor wire rod, and many others.

1.This device adopts the CNC taping kind of four-axis linkage engineering, male-device control adopts industrial laptop, 15” shade show display, procedure graphic monitoring, sysnchronizes the taping procedure with handbook enter function of the coil knowledge, the rotational velocity, the variety of levels, the taping moments, can shop more than 999 taping packages, and can derive to save through U disk. 

two. Coil section size: (5~20)×(30~60)mm² insulation tape width: 20mm, 25mm tape reel’s internal diameter: 25mm, 40mm, outer diameter: 110mm

three.CNC electronic consistent rigidity taping head can immediately adjust the taping angle and path by the micro servo motor, adopt high precision ranging sensor feedback to control the electronic magnetic powder brake to make the taping method often in the condition of consistent stress., min. coil opening 300mm

4. Wire rod size selection: seven hundred~(2200)3600mm. The single-aspect projection length in between the wire rod’s two finishes 300mm, adjustable steplessly

five,Coil pitch assortment: three hundred~800mm (electromagnetic pressure), can individually outfitted with mechanical taping head, min. opening 120mm

six,Taping stress (electromagnetic): ~60N (two-way, two-plate pressure can be set respectively), can routinely change-in excess of for taping

7,Has the mechanical hand air clip to grasp the taped wire rod when taping the coil with long straight component to prevent massive shaking

eight,Overlapping rate: ~75% repeatedly adjustable, precision <0.1mm. Insulation tape's overlapping error <0.5mm per 10 rounds, coil's taping quality improves obviously

9,Taping velocity: ~220rpm

10,Can realize multi-layer taping again and forth, with the detection alarm operate for deficiency of tape and tape damaged.

eleven.Can at the same time satisfy the bandaging of hydro-generator strip-sort wire rod, wind power strip-kind wire rod and ring-type stator coil.


4 Axis Linkage Servo Motor Control Coil Insulaltion Taping Machine