ZD 80mm 25W AC Speed Control Gear Motor

80mm 25W AC Speed Handle Equipment Motor, Pace Manage Motor, Gear Motor, AC Motor

one) Dimensions:
2) Power: 25W
3) Voltage: 110V, 220V
4) Speed: 50Hz: ninety~ 1350rpm, 60Hz: ninety~ 1650rpm
5) Reduction Ratio: three~ 200K, 250~ 2000K(Mid Gearbox 4GN10X)

Gearhead Product Equipment Ratio
4GN *K three,three.6,five,six,7.5,nine,12.five,fifteen,eighteen,25,30,36,fifty,60,75,90,a hundred,one hundred twenty,a hundred and fifty,a hundred and eighty,two hundred~750
4GN10XK(Decimal gearhead)

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ZD 80mm 25W AC Speed Control Gear Motor