Super Quality! Hf-42A Geological Drilling Rig, Core Drilling Machine

Tremendous top quality ! HF-42A geological drilling rig , pcb drilling machine

Software Scope

The HF-42A core drill rig, built-in rig with tower into 1 device, is composed of HF-4 drill rig and mast-type drill tower, with the function of hydraulic lifting and reducing of tower. The rig is basic in framework, affordable in design and style, mild in bodyweight, straightforward to work It is in a extensive selection adjusting angle. It is specially ideal for drilling of hole with great slope angle.

The tower entire body of HF-42A Drill Rig is utilized as lifting drill instruments for drilling vertical as nicely as inclined holes. The variety of changing angels (in clock-clever path) for drilling inclined holes is 0° -90° .

Major Elements

The drill tower is made up of foundation, tower physique, crownblock (pulley system), platform and auxiliary assistance.

Principal Attributes

The drill tower is pyramid-mast type. Being gentle in overall bodyweight, single part being light and minimal in disassembly amount, the tower is hassle-free for transportation and installation. The tower has its personal crownblock hassle-free for ground set up. When the rig is moved back for the duration of operation, the tower can be inclined to make up the moved-back again distance so as to assure the central line amongst the facilities of the gap and pulley. The tower can be modified in clock-sensible route for drilling inclined holes. The adjustment is practical for creating and extensive in adjusting assortment. It is suitable for drilling big-angle hole.


HF-42A Core Drill is a new type high speed diamond main drill, desi9ned in accordance to the growth of

Geological function in China and produced to meet up with the needs of clients.

HF-42A Main Drill has been discovered in 1976, and rewarded with the Chinese Countrywide Silver Medal in 1988. The HF-42A model has been marketed all in excess of the place.

HF-42A Core Drill can be driven by Deutz F4L 912 diesel engine or 30KW electric powered motor. The drill has eight rotary speed phase, the Max, speed 1588 rpm, the min velocity a hundred and one rpm, so it is ideal for various drilling for reliable mineral deposits with diamond or tungsten-carbide tipped bit.

It is also suited for engineering geological subterranean water explorations as properly as explorations of shallow layer oil and normal gas, and can be used to drill holes for air flow and drainage of major

II. Main Attributes

. The rig is in increased rotational pace and rational variety of rotational velocity Big torque in low pace.

. The drill is ideal in the mountain region simply because of mild fat for effortless transportation and practical disassembly (to be disassembled into nine components).

. With compact framework and reasonable layout, and all exposed,
Non overlapped factors, it is less complicated for servicing and restore.

. It is handy for you to take care of problems with two reverse speeds. With lower centre of gravity, the rig is reputable and steady in higher speed drilling.

. The procedure levers are concentrated, so the functions are reliable and handy.

. Equipped with meters, the conditions can be controlled effortlessly in hole.

. The transmission is independently pushed for drill rig and mud pump It is less difficult for the location Arrangement with considerably less place occupying.

Specifications of the HF-42A diamond mining core drilling machine:

1. Core Drilling

Drill rod type

Drill rod size

Drilling depth

The rod made  in China

Inside upset drill rod

42 mm (one.65 inch)

1150 m 

50 mm (1.97 inch)

820 m 

60 mm (2.36 inch)

610 m 

Wire-line drill rod

53 mm (two.09 inch)

950 m 

71 mm (two.80 inch)

700 m 

89 mm (3.50 inch)

550 m 


Inside upset drill rod


1100 m


820 m 


650 m 


430 m 

Wire-line drill rod


1200 m 


950 m 


730 m 


500 m 

  2.  Hydro-geological, water well drilling

Outside upset         drill rod size

Hole dia.

Drilling depth

60 mm (2.36 inch)

200mm (seven.87 inch)

400m (1312 feet)

73 mm (2.87 inch)

350mm (13.78 inch)

250m (820 feet)

89 mm (three.50 inch)

500mm (19.69 inch)

150m (5379 feet)

3.  Foundation Pile Hole Drilling

Use outside upset drill rod of size 89mm(3.50 inch),       hole dia.

                 Loose formation—————————–800mm(31.50 inch)

                 Hard rock formation————————500mm(19.69 inch)

                 Hole depth ————————————100m(328 feet)

 Drill Power

Name type

CZPT motor Y200L-four

CZPT motor Y200L2-six

Diesel engine 2135AG (original design 2135G)

Electrical power

30 KW(40HP)

22 KW(29.5HP)

37KW (49.6HP)

original 30KW (40HP)


1500 r/min

1000 r/min

1500 r/min

 Dimensions (L×W×H) ————————————–2730×1100×1860 mm (107.5×43.3×73.2 inch)

 Weight (excluding power unit) ————————-approx. 1800 kg (3969 lb)


Super Quality! Hf-42A Geological Drilling Rig, Core Drilling Machine