Steel Wire Digital Force Test Instrument

Electronic show universal test machine


WDS-20KN electronic show universal tests machine is employed in light-weight duty tensile, compression, and bending test programs for metallic, non-metallic, and composite materials.

two. Principal tech parameters Co

Product WDS-20KN
Max. load force 20KN
Measuring Variety of Load 400N-20KN
Max. tensile test area 650mm
Max. Compression Examination CZPT 650mm
Check width 400mm
Crossbeam travel span 1000mm
Crossbeam journey velocity .05-500mm/min

3. Major structure
The major device adopts double columns composition and double check spaces. The high precision stepper motor, motorists and deceleration program are found in the reduced portion of the primary unit.
Soon after deceleration method slows down the pace, the motor drives the precision ball screw assembly to make loading. Therefore drive the center beam to go up and down for loading of the specimen. The test speed can be altered by the remote handle.

4. Pictures

                                          Screw Ball Xihu (West Lake) Dis.

                                                 Load Sensor

                                                          Servo Motor

                                                        Tensile Clamp

                  Compression Fixture


Steel Wire Digital Force Test Instrument