Road Milling Planner Scarifier Machine Concrete Floor Scarifying Scarifier

Road Milling Planner Scarifier Equipment Concrete Flooring Scarifying Scarifier

Road milling machines are gear for the servicing and construction of concrete pavements. They are employed for the excavation and renovation of concrete surfaces this kind of as highways, urban roadways, airports, and parking lots. The degree of adhesion between.

The regular configuration:

1. The motor model adopts 7.5KW motor, outfitted with aviation plug and leakage protection swap.
two. Gasoline edition is optional.
three. Diesel types use diesel engines, and a diesel motor beginning energy supply is included, which is easy to operate.
four. The complete device is outfitted with 108 8-star alloy blades, which are heat handled.
5. Dust assortment interface is common, and industrial vacuum cleaner can be put in to decrease dust.

H2o remedy of bridge deck surface, flatness and water remedy of substantial-speed railway box girder and keep track of base plate. In the freeway municipal upkeep, the asphalt pavement is packed, rutting, web cracking, milling of potholes, and ice and snow on the bridge deck and road area. Flippantly roughen the original outdated pavement before new asphalt concrete paving, or use a large milling equipment to full the milling and roughening of the corner location and the densely distributed region of metal bars. Clear the ground coating, paint, and site visitors markings when the ground is broken or dirty and requirements renovation, cleanse the surface area of the outdated ground. Clear the airport highway markings, the brake marks of the runway tires, etc., to regain the tough surface area with higher friction coefficient. Milling and leveling the higher-elevation parts of cement asphalt pavement, highway bridge deck, bridge dislocation, and epoxy resin ground. CZPT of street micro-surface, milling and planing the authentic outdated pavement surface to prepare for the slurry seal

1. Milling and leveling the added-elevated elements of cement, asphalt concrete roads, highway bridge decks, bridges, and epoxy use-resistant ground
2. Milling and planing to take away nearby bumps, ruts, internet cracks and potholes on the asphalt pavement. Distinct the ice and snow from the bridge deck and street surface area.
3. Frivolously napping the original pavement just before new asphalt concrete paving, or cooperating with a large milling device to comprehensive the milling and napping of the corner spot and the steel bar area.
4. Get rid of floor coating, paint, and various targeted traffic markings when the floor is destroyed or soiled and wants to be refurbished, milling the previous ground area, etc.

CZPT Specification:

Planer width(mm)


Milling drum assembly

Replaceable blade

The quantity of milling spindle drum


Milling method


Depth Control


Maximum milling depth(mm)


Cutter  number

108 pcs or a hundred and twenty pcs



Packaging, delivery dimensions(mm)


Running weight(kg)

one hundred ten

Packaging, transport bodyweight(kg)


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Road Milling Planner Scarifier Machine Concrete Floor Scarifying Scarifier