Post Tensioning Oil Pump for Prestressed Hydraulic Jack


Large voltage oil pump

1. ZB sequence substantial force electrical oil pump is high stress, safety and large effectiveness.

two. It can be matched with different prestressing products, and utilised in the different performs with the oil force as electricity.

3. For case in point: Matched with the ideal machines and devices, it can comprehensive the elemental work these kinds of as propulsion, stretching, growth, clamping, bending, jack-up, extrusion and so forth.

four. The engineer operation this kind of as the crimping to conversion wire, rebar, bolstered
Concrete pile pilling, pile take a look at and many others.

five. The oil pump can install safety valve, , relief valve and way directional control valve according to your need.

six. The oil pump is adaptable to work, handy to use, safe and dependable.

YB series of higher force oil pump

1. YBZ2X1.5/63A is a plunger type higher voltage large pressure oil pump, it is widely employed for tensioning and controlling the hydraulic jacks of YDC1500, YDC2000, DC3000, extruder and button-head unit. Aside from, it aslo matched with reduced circulation and high strain jacks and hydraulic equipment to perform.

2. YBZ4/two-50B is a oil pump made for the large tonnage hydaulic jacks in put up tensioning and prestressing operate. Its rated oil output will be doubled if the stroke of jacks are hollow or jacks are at lower force perform. Then the running velocity of jacks will be accerlerated alomost 1 time under that conditions. But it will be incresed automaticly when tensioning large strain operate, as a result the steafy of tensioning and prestressing can be guaranted.

3. YBZ2-two/50C elecric hydraulic oil pump. We are the exclusive manufacure of establishing and creating oil pump that can independently feed oil for two jacks at identical time. It is our new kind and commonly utilized in put up tensioning and prestressing work.

Engineering data of higher force electric oil pump:

Model Rated pressure(Mpa) Rated
Web weight(kg) Power(KW) Volume(L) General
Design dimension(mm)
ZB2×2/50A 50 2×2 one hundred twenty three sixty 740×450×1050 Employed of a variety of jack, extruder,buttonhead with rated strain less than fifty Mpa.
ZB2×1.5/63 sixty three 2×1.five 124 three sixty 740×490×880 Employed of a variety of jack, extruder, buttonhead
with rated pressure much less than 63 Mpa.
ZB4/80 80 four 270 four sixty 1090×590×1120 Have the performance of large flow , higher force, can individually feed oil for two jacks.

CZPT parameter of YB sequence of substantial force oil pump.

YB series of electic hydaulic oil pump
Product Rated oil strain Rated flow Energy All round proportions
Mpa L/min KW mm
YBZ2X2/50A 50 2X2 3 740X450X820
YBZ2X1.5/63A 63 2X1.5 three 740X450X820
YBZ4/two-50B fifty four/2 3 810X550X950
YBZ2-two/50C 50 2-two three 740X450X820
YBZ10/4-50D 50 10/four three 800X500X960


Post Tensioning Oil Pump for Prestressed Hydraulic Jack