Plastic Gears Brushed DC 9V Planetary Gear Motor

Miniature dc geared motor classification:
Motor coaxial helical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer motor, parallel shaft helical equipment reducer motor, bevel gear, helical gear reducer motor, bevel gear – worm reducer, gear motor, dc gear motor, stepping motor, gear motor hollow cup equipment motor, gear motor, substantial energy, lower power gear motor, and many others.

Miniature dc equipment motor can obtain zero few W electrical power, has the qualities of modest volume, mild fat, lower sounds, in the sensible property, health care equipment and instruments, vehicle driving, the robot products, modest home electrical appliances, private care merchandise these kinds of as extensively employed.

RK528 37mm outside diameter shutter curtain geared motor Solution Description:

Parameters in a specified variety can be CZPT according to customer’s demand

We have a lot of various reduction ratio,Tie-in and different reduction ratio of the reducer, deceleration electric possibility to output diverse rotational speed,In addition to adjust the velocity reduction ratio can alter the equipment motor, you can alter the velocity of the motor.

Reduction ratio table :(The “L” is Gear length ,the device is “mm”)

Plastic Gears Brushed DC 9V Planetary Gear Motor