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  1. 14 Pole hi-torque motor layout Precision engineered for highest power conversion Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best dependability and maximum RPM
  2. A number of safety features: Low voltage minimize-off defense, over-warmth protection, throttle signal decline defense
  3. Long stable performance: No error time lasts lengthy for 2700 hrs at 24V voltage and 60A present doing work situations.
  4. Satisfy Nationwide Army normal, EMC, FCC,CE and so on.
  5. Suitable for industrial and specialised drones( Multi-rotor, fastened wings drones)
  6. Shaft: Higher hardness, extended lifespan( Specific stainless steel)
  7. Housing: 7075 collection aerial expert high hardness aluminum alloy, much more high-priced than the 6000 series with lower alloy hardness and the screw  easy to loose.
  8. Magnet: special long term magnet with excellent performance and  unique heat resistance.
  9. Coil: Large purity copper windings maximizes efficiency CZPTed from Japan with excellent functionality, substantial heat resistance Undertake vertical varnish technologies to make the wire thickness even
  10. Bering: CZPTed(Not-refurbished)
  11. Iron core: CZPTed, special silicon metal sheet. 

KWT-BLDC50 Series        Φ73.8×31.7        200W/400W

Motor Model  5571B6S 5571B12S
Values at nominal voltage    
  Rated voltage V 22.2 44.4
Free Load No load pace rpm 6770 6036
No load present A .80  .33
 At Max.
Max.efficiency % 89.50% 91.10%
Pace rpm 6464 5792
Present A seventeen 8
Torque N.m .50  .53
At Max.
Max.output W 1951.59 2075.64
Pace rpm 3385 3018
Current A 179.43 94.sixty four
Torque N.m 5.five 6.fifty six
 At Stall Stall existing A 358 189
Stall torque N.m 11 13
    Motor attribute  
Termianal resistance eighty three hundred
 Torque continual 314.5 710
 KV rpm/V 306 136
Velocity/Torque continuous rpm/ .06 .05

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New Version Motor Outrunner Brushless Induction Electrical Motor Top Supplier