Multiple Use Air Cooler Motor 1 2 1 3 3 4

Multiple Use Air Cooler Motor one/2 1/three three/four

HangCZPT Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd is a supplier of motors for supporter coil device, air conditioner, air cooler and other HVAC programs , with experienced complex gear, pursuit of high quality and provider, and integrity initial. Our motors are properly gained at house and overseas and can meet altering financial and social needs.

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CZPT Parameters

Product Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Output(W) Speed(RPM) Capacitor(μF)
YDK139-a hundred and fifty-6 208-230 fifty/sixty 150 930 ten
YDK139-200-4 208-230 50/60 two hundred 1180 10
YDK139-350-four 208-230 50/sixty 350 930 12
YSK139-350-four 208-230 fifty/sixty 350 1200 ten
YDK139-100-ten 208-230 50/60 100 520 six
YDK139-one hundred fifty-four 208-230 fifty/sixty a hundred 1100 six

How to Check Your AC Admirer Motor?

To test the admirer motor on your air conditioner, you will have to do a continuity take a look at. Click here for a movie tutorial. Prior to you begin, make confident the thermostat is established to awesome and that the temperature setting is as minimal as it will go.

Phase 1. Check out the electrical power

If you suspect the supporter motor is bad, the first thing you should check out is the energy to the motor and the power to the air conditioning unit. Track down the circuit breaker and ensure it has not tripped. If the energy is wonderful, check out to see if there is suitable voltage. You can do this at the transformer, checking for a fuse in the low-voltage circuit.

Action 2. Verify the windings

Following, check out the windings of the fan motor for an open up or a limited. To do this, you will have to measure the ohms. If your enthusiast motor is a 120V, it will most probably have four coloured wires (black, blue, crimson, yellow, and so forth.), as nicely as a white wire, a black wire, and two brown wires. If you’re operating with the wires, do a resistance check out amongst the white wire and each and every of the coloured wires. The increased the resistance is, the reduce the speed is, with each colored wire representing a distinct pace.

Search for a resistance looking through. A studying of zero signifies the fan motor winding is very likely shorted and creating the breaker to trip or blow. An infinite reading, on the other hand, could reveal an open motor winding. If both of these situations exists, the admirer motor requirements to be changed.

Step three. Inspect the capacitor

Hold in brain that just because the enthusiast motor is not operating, doesn’t indicate it really is bad. If the energy provide is fine and the windings are in good shape, check the capacitor up coming.

The capacitor aids the supporter motor run. Offering torque to the supporter motor, if the capacitor is faulty, there is not going to be sufficient electrical power sent and the blower wheel, supporter belt, and other important parts can stop to operate.

To inspect the capacitor, make certain it is discharged. As soon as it is discharged, use a capacitor tester to verify the microfarad reading. The reading must be inside of 10 p.c of the rated capacitance on the capacitor. If the reading does not match the ranking, change the capacitor.

Item Characteristics:


Tiny vibration

Large effectiveness

Affordable construction

Nickel plating for shaft

Electrophoretic coating for enclosure

Low noise large high quality rolling bearing

Low temperature rise


Multiple Use Air Cooler Motor 1 2 1 3 3 4