Ms-2060hx Portable Cheap Metal CNC Cutting Machine Flame Cutter Popular

Transportable Flame and Plasma CNC cutting equipment

Portable Flame and Plasma CNC reducing equipment is mostly utilized in all types of metal plates (these kinds of as: carbon steel, stainless metal, aluminum, low alloy metal, aluminum alloy), but also in the complicated sample of the earlier mentioned components Processing.

CZPT Specification

Product Name

Moveable Flame and Plasma CNC chopping device



Management System

Fang Ling F2100B


57 Stepper Motor



Cutting Mode

Plasma Chopping+ Flame Slicing

Flame Chopping Fuel

Oxygen with propane or acetylene

Plasma Torch Fuel

Compressed air/N2/O2

Doing work Region


Chopping thickness


Chopping velocity


Operation precision



Primary Functions:

1.Cross beam driving design, allows a more steady balance motion, keep away from the head declining owing to gravity

two.Reasonable reducing spot: effective one.5m*three.0m, ideal most frequent sheet 4ft*8ft

3.Gentle and sensible, no fastened location occupation, sustain reducing on sheet directly

four.Easy composition, simple for packing, supply, installation and disassemble

five.Overall processing alloy foundation, assure light and specific, no base condition deformation

6.Cross beam and rail each with linear guide, high accuracy very good balance shifting

seven.With motor permit/disable button, make certain operator and equipment safety and start placement random select,conserve substance help save time.

                Meisar CNC technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2571, covering an area of more than 
        1000 square meters. Meisar is a high-tech enterprise which mixed with science,
         engineering, industry production and trade, taking the lead in the adoption of CZPT:2008 
         quality management system certification, CE certification, etc.
                The company is located in HangCZPT, the key city of the Yangtze River Delta,
         which is adjacent to ZheJiang  and has a prominent transport, production and sales advantage. 
                After more than 10 years of continuous development and innovation.


Ms-2060hx Portable Cheap Metal CNC Cutting Machine Flame Cutter Popular