High Speed Injection Molding Plastic Syringe Injection Molding Servo Motor Injection Moulding Machine

HAIJIANG plastic parts injection equipment features:
→ larger place in between tie-bars
→ central-clamping structure 
→ well-known components 
→ energy conserving with servo motor 
→ lower sound, quick respons 
→ large precision, Steady and tremendous lengthy existence
→ T-Slot Platen 
→ considerable CZPT Components
→ greater price 
Clamping Unit:
one. Optimized Platen Style with substantial rigidity and enlarged room amongst tie bars 
two. CZPTmap-dependent Platen Structure with each T-slot & tap holes, finding design in shifting platen to much better fit various molds 
three. New ejection program design and style with for a longer time ejection stroke, larger room and greater rigidity 
4. CZPT drivien equipment-variety mould height adjustion mechanism 
five. Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation 
6. linkage construction for front connecting rod increases connectingrod’s energy significantly, as well as the entire clamping unit’s rigidity & accuracy.

Injection Device:
1. High Top quality CZPT Movement Xihu (West Lake) Dis. make certain the clean & accuracy of injection process 
2. Higher Pace & Pressure injection construction can increase the injection speed 
three. Twin nozzle cylinder ensures a lot more even & stable structure 
four. Specilized screw barrel style for various equipment

CZPT Method:
1. The double proportional compound valve management system strain & flow, extremely sensitive & stable 
2. CZPTed large top quality Pump, low in noise, long in lifespan & stable in performance 
three. Entire world-popular servo hydraulic method optional, greater efficiency in reduced sounds & energy saving 
4. The precise opinions handle of servo program to the pressure & flow, with higher sensitivity & more exact repeatability precision 
five. Higher functionality hydraulic valve, much less failure, quick swap, practical maintenance 
six. Lower pressure mould shield technique, which is more ideal for the exact mould 
seven. Greese & lubrication oil in dependent lubrication method can lubricate everywhere in the greatest scenario

CZPTal System:
1. Manage by double CPU, the system HMI use X86 300MHz specialized grade show. The system staff a RISC 140MHz microprofessor, with high pace, noise-immunity, fan-much less and reduce power consumption, impartial management composition increase the stablity of control 
2. 8.four” screen display with resolution 800*600, person helpful display & optional select of language 
3. Equiped with USB(2.) port & ethernet(100-foundation T) ports 
four. 32 Details input & output, entendable and trouble spot can be changed easily 
5. Linder transducer’s resolution is one/65535, far more specific in control 
6. 120 technological parameters obtain can be saved & uploaded with an normal USB drives 
7. Injection Finish and temperature tracking is curve display, dynamic recorder parameter is modified, dynamic warningis exhibited, all these make the procedure more convenient.

Servo Controller Portion:
one. Substantial Exact Manage The servo method can manage the machine’s force, pace & location precisely, make certain that the mistake of  accurate repeatability precision for the shot measurement is <0.3% 
2. Higher sensitive reaction Simply because the motor vector is matched with the controller precisely, it only will take .5sec. inputing the quantity from 0 to max. In comparison with other conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, HJ series is much more faster in pace with shorter cycle time and higher efficient in production 
three. Lower noise In contrast with traditional fastened pump & variable pump method, the sounds is one/10 lower under typical circumstance, a lot more suitable for sealed dustless workshop 
four. Strength Conserving Overall efficiency is ten% far more & driving capacity is 18% a lot more than frequent device. This series can save 40-80% power, and obtain very first-course vitality efficency 
5. H2o cooling saving The program issue avert large stress uploading CZPT any power output, qualified prospects to the water cooling saving

Parameter Unit HJF118-F5
Screw diameter mm A B C
35 38 forty
Screw I/D ratio L/D 23.9 22 20.9
shot volumn (theoretical) Cmthree 154 181 201
injection excess weight(PS) g 141 165 183
injection price g/s eighty ninety five one hundred and five
injection strain Mpa 219 186 167
screw speed r/min ~220
clamp drive KN 1180
opening stroke mm 340
area in between tie bars (W*H) mm 370*370
max mould height mm 400
min mould peak mm one hundred fifty
ejector stroke mm 100
ejector force KN 33
ejector quantity Pc five
max pump force Mpa sixteen
pump motor electrical power KW eleven
heating energy KW six.5
device dimension M 4.two*1.25*1.eight
device fat T three.five
oil tank ability L 210


Q1. What is the guarantee for the injection molding device
A1:Complete 18 thirty day period,Included device platen,base,injection unit,clamping unit.

Q2:Can you sending engineer to oversea set up equipment and trainning customer’s personnel.
A1: Yes,We will ship engineer to client manufacturing unit put in the machine or trainning customer’s workers. in a single week,whole free of charge.
        After a single 7 days, fifty$ for every day

Q3:How Numerous spare components you will get ready for consumer?
A3: CZPT components provided: mould clamp, long and short nozzle,heating band,Wrench,Change,Thermocouple,Operation manual
      Tool box,Lubricate Oil,Sealing,Filter and many others.

This autumn:Personal computer sytem,Apart from English, can you modify other language,say: French,Spanish,Arabic,Russian.
A1:Indeed,when you spot buy,remember to tell us the language which you necessary. CZPT one particular with English,Japanese,Chinese,Korea.

Q5:Can you change the electricity supply for us? Say:we need to have 3 Phase 220V 60HZ
A5: When you spot get,please compose obviously.Then we will adjust the electrical program for you.

Q6:If i Need Green Colour equipment,can you do it for us?
Q7: Of course,make sure you give us the color sample.So we can do it for you.

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High Speed Injection Molding Plastic Syringe Injection Molding Servo Motor Injection Moulding Machine