Full Solid State Industrial Used Induction Heater Suppliers

Full Sound Point out CZPT Used Induction Heater Suppliers (JLC-fifty)

Main Characteristic:

  1. It adopts the IGBT inverter circuit in parallel connection, which has higher load adaptability.
  2. The comprehensive entire load style is CZPT for 24-hour continuous operation.
  3. The digital phase locked realizes pursuing frequency instantly.
  4. Layout in modules. It is put in facility and use conveniently CZPT debugging..
  5. The best security perform, insuring the dependability and effortlessly sustaining of the equipments.
  6. The method of converting frequency by resonance encourages performance of whole products by more than 95%.
  7. Economic climate and surroundings safety, it can exchange of gasoline/coal/digital tube induction heating machine.

CZPT Parameters: 

Design JLC-50KW
Enter power wish 3 stage 380V fifty/60HZ
Oscillate energy max 50KW
Max enter current 63A
DC recent 80A
Oscillate frequency ten-30KHZ
Timing 1M-99.99M
.01S-ninety nine.99S
Cooling water need .3Mpa  
Duty cycle 100% 40°C
Proportions(L*W*H) Generator 510*540*980mm
transformer 450*330*500mm
Internet bodyweight 65kg/45kg
Cable duration 2-6(Meters)

CZPT Elements for JLC-50KW

Merchandise Name of machine or components Specification Quantity
one JLC-50KW Generator 1 pcs
two JLC-50KW Transformer one pcs
2 Foot swap 3 main one pcs
three Induction Coils two sets
4 Coil hook up pole 2 sets
5 Instruction Manual 1 pcs
6 Ensure card 1 pcs
seven Products certificate one pcs

Photographs of JLC-50KW Device

Applications: Forging, Warmth therapy (Quenching), Welding etc.

1.Forging Molding
   M.F. forging furnace is utilised for the heating of bars and rods more substantial than Φ12, the materials can be metal, stainless metal, copper, brass ,aluminium and so on.  The heating can be the entire rod, conclude of the rod or middle component of the rod.
   Application Examples:Fasteners, CZPT equipment, Vehicle and motorcycle components, Rigging, Pipe fittings, Twist drill, Atlas, Desk, Mould parts, CZPT areas, Handicrafts, CZPT areas, Brass lock, Lock, Rivets, Other components and metal add-ons.    
Main designs and heating capability:

models Max. Enter Power Heating capability of regular material
Metal or S.S to 1100 degree Copper or brass to seven-hundred degree Aluminium to 500 degree
JLZ-35 forging furnace 35KW 1.twenty five KG/min one.seventy five KG/min one.forty six KG/min
JLZ-forty five forging furnace 45KW one.67 KG/min two.33 KG/min 1.87 KG/min
JLZ-70 forging furnace 70KW two.5 KG/min 3.five KG/min 2.ninety two KG/min
JLZ-90 forging furnace 90KW three.33 KG/min four.67 KG/min three.seventy five KG/min
JLZ-a hundred and ten forging furnace 110KW four.seventeen KG/min five.83 KG/min 4.58 KG/min
JLZ-one hundred sixty forging furnace 160KW 5.83 KG/min ——- 6.67 KG/min
JLZ-two hundred forging furnace 200KW 9. KG/min ——- 8.50 KG/min

two.Warmth treatment method:this sort of as Quenching, Annealing
    Warmth remedy method is the metallic perform-pieces heated to a specific temperature, obtained diverse matrix organization after various methods of cooling, so that to achieve the needed mechanical houses (content more difficult or softer), these kinds of as quenching, annealing, and so forth.
     Applications Illustrations: Shaft, Shaft core, Plate, Equipment, Sprocket, Steel belt, Equipment device accessories, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail, CZPT equipment, Small mould, Mould components, CAM, Vehicle and motorbike add-ons, Scissors, Backyard shears blade, Chuck, mechanical parts, Stainless metal merchandise, Cistern, Kitchen ware, Golf head, Golf equipment, Steel tube, Furniture fittings and Other connected goods.

3.Brazing, Welding, Soldering
    Brazing is a fusion and solidification method which refers to the use of magnetic subject induction heating to make the temperature of metallic supplies junction reach the melting level of welding, or the temperature of metallic components to achieve among nonmetallic content.
      (one). Any business of incorporate welding material connection.
      Such as: Cutting instruments ( Turning, Milling cutter, Woodworking resources, Serrated blade, Shoe supplies, Diamond instrument, Deep gap drilling, Drilling and so forth.), Faucets, Bathroom accessories, Showers, Coal drill, Drill bit, Terminal blocks, Furniture fittings, Refrigeration products, Pad tube, Heating plate, Egg beater, Lighting components, Branch distributor, Bicycle up and down the fork iron, Copper pieces, Aluminum, Stainless metal.
    (2). Do not add welding material connection.
      Such as: Pc radiator core and copper core, Motor rotor and shaft, Horn internet preparetions, Hanger hook, Copier carbon brush melt, Aluminum-plastic pipe, Compound preparetions kettle, Device shank treatment, Tableware curing rubber handle, Battery pole ear forming, Aluminum foil sealing etc.


Company information:
      HangCZPT CZPT Electromechanical Device Co.,Ltd., founded in 1996, which is engaged in R&D, 
production andsale of solid Induction heating machine professionally. Many senior authorities of induction heating gear gathered below, who initiate the induction heating devices with environmental protection and hugely powerful power conservation, positively and diligently. 


Our Services:

1. Pre-sale service:

  • CZPTmmend the most suitable machine for customers, according to their requirements. 
  • Inquiry and consulting support. 
  • Sample testing support. 
  • View our Factory.

2. In-sale service:

  • Strictly manufacture the machine, according to relevant technical standards.
  • Take run test, according to relevant equipment test run regulations.
  • Strictly check up the machine, before delivery
  • Delivery on time.

3. Following-sale service:

  • 12 months warranty period
  • Within one year free warranty, any fault caused by non-artificial reason, any quality problems such as design, manufacture, or procedure occurs, CZPT shall provide replacement parts after detecting the faults.
  • If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, CZPT will send maintenance
  • Technician to provide visiting service after checking with the customer and charge for a favorable price. 
  • CZPT will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance.
  • The above mentioned are only basic after-sale service requirements, we will make more promises related to quality assurance and operation guarantee mechanism.

China Materials Induction Heating Energy Provide   
Questions and Answers:

one. Which countries your products are exported to?
Our products are sold all over the world and with related certifications.

two.How about the warranty?
All our products have one year quality warranty, during the warranty time, the spare parts replacement is free. And we provide life long time technical support and other assistance.

3.How to install your machine?
We have paper installation instructions and videos, we will teach till you learn it.

4. Which export port you use?
Any China port, commonly we will use HangCZPT ,HangCZPT ,Hongkong port, it can appoint as you like.

5.How about the payment terms and delivery time ?
Payment terms for little machines: a hundred% T/T/ Western Union/Income in advance.
The big machines and huge amount: 30% deposit,70% before shipment (we will shoot total delivering process for customer’s confirmation)and the related papers. You can pay by T/T,L/C, Western Union or other ways.
The small machine delivery time is within 7 days, the bigger one takes about 15days,we will delivery goods on time.

6.If I have paid but can not receive the goods, how should I do?
Alibaba international website is a famous trade platform and has been mature those years ,every supplier on it has paid large integrity fund,and we have Chinese business licenses which can be checked on China official website or we can show it to you,so that situation will never appear, please be assured.

7.Is your goods has CZPT or CE certification ?
Yes, all our goods has ISO and CE certification. All devices are substantial top quality items.

eight.What is your nature of your company:vendor or factory ?
We are manufacturer and have a big factory ,warmly welcome to visit our factory and contact us. 


Superaudio Frequency Sequence (ten-30KHZ)

Design JLC-thirty JLC-50 JLC-60 JLC-80 JLC-120
Enter electrical power wish three section 380V fifty/60HZ
Oscillate energy max 30KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 120KW
Max input recent 48A 63A 90A 135A 195A
DC existing 60A 80A 120A 150A 250A
Oscillate frequency 10-30KHZ ten-30KHZ ten-30KHZ ten-30KHZ 10-30KHZ
Timing 1M-99.99M
.01S-ninety nine.99S
1M-ninety nine.99M
1S-ninety nine.99S
1S-ninety nine.99S
.01S-ninety nine.99S
1S-ninety nine.99S
.01S-ninety nine.99S
Cooling drinking water need .2Mpa   .3Mpa   .3Mpa   .4Mpa   .5Mpa  
Duty cycle 100% 40°C
Net fat 60kg/30kg 65kg/45kg 70kg/45kg 80kg/55kg 110kg/90kg
Cable length two-six(Meters) 2-6(Meters) two-6(Meters) two-six(Meters) two-six(Meters)


Full Solid State Industrial Used Induction Heater Suppliers