Double Servo Motor Driven Shrinking Sleeve PVC Pet Label Machine for Bottles

CZPT Servo Motor Pushed Shrinking Sleeve PVC/PET Label Machine for Bottles


The device adopts worldwide superior engineering, protect the circle label on PET bottle / glass bottle, then heat shrinking to repair on the situation which bottle human body specified. It is controlled by micro-pc and automated detection. It is suited for the two PET bottle and glass bottle, The sleeve shrink label material can be PVC or PET content.


No. Title Sort Qty
1 Full computerized sleeve labeling equipment SLM-200 1set
two Shrink oven one.8m 1set
3 Steam generator 18KW 1set
4 CZPT SC-one 7m


The Characteristics of the products:

1, the machine is made of stainless metal and substantial high quality of aluminum alloy, the affordable, intact body, it is straightforward to change.
2, the ft bolt is not necessary, straightforward to transfer suitable for distinct spot.
three, the shrinkable film roll with adjustable locking gear, can be altered according to different roll 5”-10”.
four, the applicable bottle is the machine square bottle and spherical bottle
five, CZPT tools, the pushed equipment can be altered to satisfy various bottle dimensions
6, specific inserting label approaches, i.e. inserting label, it is affordable and hassle-free.
7, complete automatic feeder, the flat shrinking and rigidity are altered together.
8, it is certain to low error that there is inspection of rolling label lower.
9, particular blade layout, blade foundation can be change by cost-free, modifying blade rapidly and conveniently.
ten, it is simple to modify the central clamping unit CZPT any instruments.
11, oriental rolling label unit can be lifting synchronal.
twelve, the separating bottle screw, oriental belt and conveyor are altered synchronal, it is straightforward and quick to do.
13, adopting ANCHUAN servo motor made in JAPAN and sensitive photograph electric power, to insure the precision of cutting label.
14, stainless metal electric powered controller, adopting Mitsubishi PLC produced in Japan
15, adopting advanced male-equipment automated managing technology, primary ingredient adopts famous manufacturer.
CZPT parameters:

Input Electrical power 3.0KW
Input Voltage ∮3,380/220VAC
Manufacturing Effectiveness 150 bottles/min
Dimensions of Host Machine 2100L*1100W*2000H
Relevant Diameter of Bottle Physique 28mm~120mm
Applicable Size of Label 30mm~250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label .03mm~.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5″~10″adjustable

Principal elements:

Component identify Sort Brand First
PLC FPX-C60T Panasonic Japan
Touch display MT506-MV Weinview ZheJiang
High velocity fiber sensor Fx-301 Sunx Japan
Light-weight sensor CX-421 Sunx Japan
Gentle sensor CX-442 Sunx Japan
Light sensor PM-L44 Sunx Japan
Label sending servo motor MHMD082P1U(750W) Panasonic Japan
Label sending servo driver MBDDT2210003(750W) Panasonic Japan
Knife plate servo motor MHMD042P1U(400W) Panasonic Japan
Knife plate servo driver MBDDT2210003(400W) Panasonic Japan
Bottle screw motor 5IK90GN-YF-5GN7.5K DPG ZheJiang
Bottle screw inverter BFV00571DK Panasonic Japan
Button switch XB2-BD21 Schneider French
AC contactor LC1-D1810M5C Schneider French
Breaker D20 2P Schneider French

Shrink Tunnel

In the situation of different and irregular round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles and many others, the new-design steam shrinking oven is effortless to modify and maintain. It has an even shrinking. The distribution of Iow-stress steam drum and spouting way of steam are uniform and designed with seamless tube. The nozzle is divided to be adjustable three segments and the peak, situation and steam output of each phase can be adjusted respectively so as to gain the ideal shrinking impact. The total machine is produced of stainless metal with heat preservation, which not only will save strength, but also complies with the global protection regular. The stainless steel defrosting tray collects condense h2o. The whole equipment adopts the drinking water-evidence design with the convenience of effortless operation and reduced maintenance. Special Manufacture based on the original configuration, double layer holding furnace is produced to get effect on power preserving and environmental protection.
Main complex parameters:

Specifications   CZPT Parameters
Input Electricity Offer of Blower  1 220VAC one.1KW
Input Energy Offer of Steam Generator 380V/50Hz
Working Strain .1Mpa
Fat 230Kg
Steam Intake ten-20Kg/h
Dimension of Oven Body L1800mm x W400mm x H450mm
Transporting Pace -35m/min

Steam generator

The water is fed into the series of wholly automatic electrical heating generator by high strain prospective vortex pump made of copper with limited h2o-provide time and durable provider. A floating ball for liquid stage is set in the h2o tank to immediately manage the drinking water inlet. Functioning program is all instantly managed. Following connecting the drinking water supply and energy provide for 5 minutes or so, it can output the steam repeatedly with a large stage of functioning efficiency.
Main complex parameters:

BON-18 CZPT Parameters
Input Electrical power Provide 3PHASES  380V
Input Energy 18KW
Steam Force .4-.7Mpa
Vapor Era twenty five.8kg/h
Exterior Dimension L820mm x W750mm x H1420mm
Bodyweight 124Kg

Suitable label-roll type

Free spare components:

NO. Identify Quantity
1 Knife plate belt 1pc
2 Rear generate motor belt 1pc
three Brusher one dozen
four Blades one box
five CZPT 4pcs

Cost-free instrument box:

No. Title Specs Qty
1 Open up wrench 14,12,8,ten 1set
two Adjustable wrench 250*thirty 1pc
three Allen wrenches seven measurement 1set
four Open up screwdriver 6*100mm, 3*75mm 1set
5 Plum screwdriver six*100mm, 3*75mm 1set

Double Servo Motor Driven Shrinking Sleeve PVC Pet Label Machine for Bottles