CNC Gantry Moving Plates Drilling Machine

PCD Series CNC Drilling Device For Plates

Utilize scope:
For steel construction, tower, bridge, mechanical processing and other industries of the connecting plate, baseboard drilling processing.

Solution framework:
Casting mattress, spindle hydraulic feed, SEW deceleration motor, workpiece computerized clamping.
This equipment is mostly composed of bed, gantry construction, drilling electricity head, hydraulic program, control technique, centralized
lubrication technique, cooling system chip removing technique and rapid change chuck.

The traits:
one. The bed is created of large top quality grey solid iron with stable performance and no deformation.
two. Spindle hydraulic feed, motor adopts German SEW deceleration motor, substantial efficiency and very sturdy.
3. Undertake hydraulic clamping system, small workpiece can be clamped at four corners of worktable, shortening production preparation period of time and improving manufacturing performance.
4. CNC technique: In the Windows interface or in the AUTOCAD setting, the steel plate is programmed directly, the programming is handy. It can be concluded to make program outside the house the laptop, then directly copy or transmit by world wide web into computer to conserve as the plan.

CZPT parameters 

CNC Gantry Moving Plates Drilling Machine