Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox Auger Drive Feed Mixer

The planetary gearbox by ever-power is manufactured to offer the rotation of feed mixers and biogas plants.

Thanks to its rugged and compact design, the planetary gear drive is easy to install:

  • Trucks
  • Self-propelled machine
  • Fixed machine
  • It ensures the operation of feed and biogas applications.

What are the advantages and applications of the planetary gearbox?

  •  Modular design for easy installation
  •  High peak torque capacity
  •  Lubricated upper bearings ensure faster, unobtrusive performance
  • 16.32:1 wide scale range for versatile performance
  •  Labyrinth seal protection for increased durability and stability
  •  Easy to maintain industrial gearboxes due to modular design
  •  High-performance output, compact size
  •  Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox transmission is characterized by fast cleaning speed


Size Max Torque
Indicative machine capacity
single auger [m³]

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