Cbb60 Series AC Motor Capacitor 10UF 450V Flat Base

1. CZPT description:
Broadly utilized to working of single-stage AC motors at 0Hz(60Hz)frequency for washers and high efficiency compressors of refrigerators etc.

two. features:
The capacitor will take large-edge metallized, AI/Zn pp film or internet-like fuse metallized PP movie as dielectric, its elements are assembled in flame-retardant Abdominal muscles or PBT cylindrical crust, impregnated with flame-retardant epoxy resin, It has substantial dependability and

three.CZPT parameter
CZPT:GB3667-1997,very same as IEC65712:193
Weather variety:40/70/21, forty/eighty five/21
Capacitance tolerance: ±5%
Dielectric dissipation issue: tg&≤0.002(50Hz~100Hz)
Life expectancy:3000h(Course C)or10000h(Class B)

Capacitance selection 1-120μf
Rated voltage Un 250v.ac/400/450V.ac
Rated frequency 50Hz60Hz
Capacitance tolerance ±5%±10%
Climatic category -25+70°C
Dissipation element(at 50Hz-Hz and 20°C) ≤0.002(100Hz,20°C)
Take a look at voltage amongst terminals 2×Un for 3s
Examination voltage amongst terminals and scenario 2×Un+1000VDC FOR 2s
Reference standard EN 65712-1:2001IEC252

4.Services situation
Residual voltage in software:Much less than 10% of rated voltage
Permitted greatest voltage: Less than 1.one times of rated voltage
Permissible optimum existing: Significantly less than 1.3 times of rated current 

Define measurement

1.0UF/450VAC thirty*fifty seven
one.5UF/450VAC thirty*fifty seven
2.5UF/450VAC 30*57
3.0UF/450VAC thirty*fifty seven
three.5UF/450VAC 30*57
4.5UF/450VAC thirty*fifty seven
six.0UF/450VAC 30*57
6.3UF/450VAC 35*66
eight.0UF/450VAC 35*66
ten.0UF/450VAC 35*66
12UF/450VAC 40*71
14UF/450VAC forty*71
16UF/450VAC forty*71
18UF/450VAC forty*seventy one
20UF/450VAC 40*95
25UF/450VAC forty*ninety five
30UF/450VAC 45*ninety five
40UF/450VAC 50*107
50UF/450VAC fifty*107
60UF/450VAC fifty*117
2UF/450V+CABLE 30*59
4UF/450V + CABLE thirty*59
8UF/450V+CABLE 35*69
10UF/450V+CABLE 35*69
12UF/450V+CABLE 40*73
16UF/450V+CABLE 40*seventy three
20UF/450v+cable forty*98
25UF/450V+CABLE 40*98
30UF/450V+CABLE 45*98
40UF/450V+CABLE fifty*109
50UF/450V+CABLE 50*109
60UF/450V+CABLE 50*119

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Cbb60 Series AC Motor Capacitor 10UF 450V Flat Base