Black Bakelite Insulating Material Plate for Jigs

FBlack Bakelite Insulating Material Plate For Jigs

Paper-based Phenolic Laminate CZPTal Bakelite Sheet

Manufacturing Decription

♦ Phenolic laminates are created by impregnating one or more levels of a base content these kinds of as paper, fiberglass or cotton with phenolic resin and laminating the resin-saturated base materials below heat and force

Objects Values
Density 1.45 g/cm3
Thickness from 1mm  to 100mm
Coloration Orange, Black, White
Flame retardant grade 94HB
Doing work Temperature 90~130C
Measurement 1571*1220mm      1040*2080mm
CZPT-Services can CNC machine according to your drawing

CNC Machining Bakelite Components
♦ We can milling,drilling holes,sanding and reducing to meet up with clientele desire


♦ This merchandise is suited for insulating structural elements in motors and electrical tools with large mechanical functionality specifications

♦ Ideal for electrical motor, mechanical mould, PCB, ICT fixture.Forming device, drilling equipment, table grinding pad

Our Clientele Remarks

Our Stock
♦ We have adequate stock,fast shipping,quick your time expense

♦ We have 2 factories
One particular is in HangCZPT CZPT,which is our insulation board manufacturing heart
We are in HangCZPT CZPT,there is processing and product sales

♦ NO MOQ,We can market you any amount

Organization Info

♦ We are manufacturer,because 2006 far more than ten years knowledge in the Electronic Equipment&Factors industry.

♦ Meet clietns distinct demand from customers,we have many kinds of insulation sheet
These kinds of as FR4 G10 Sheet,Bakelite Sheet,GPO3 Sheet,CZPT CZPT POM,Acrylic and so on

Other Insulation Production

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Black Bakelite Insulating Material Plate for Jigs