12V-24V 320W Permanent Magnet DC Worm Gear Reducer Motor on Belitronic Electronic Jigging Fishing Real

We are one OEM Producer for numerous  worm-equipment motors, NMRV worm gear motor, clay focus on lure machine motor,worm equipment reducer motor, dump truck tarp motor, dump truck gear motor, polishing concrete ground motor,  pedestrian pallet truck motor etc
The complex parameters can be option according to your needs:
1. Motor variety: Permanent magnet DC
two. Rated velocity: 1500rpm-5000rpm
three. Safety: IP44, IP55, IP66
4. Voltage: 12V, 24V
five.Gear Ratio: 30:one, 50:1, 60:1, seventy five:one
six.Output speed: 35rpm-45rpm, 40rpm-45rpm, 70-80rpm, 100rpm-120rpm, 160rpm-180rpm
seven. Output electrical power: 320W, 380W, 500W, 750W, 1000W
eight. Gearbox: worm and wheel
nine. Insulation: Course F
ten. Effectiveness: sixty five%

Product Voltage Electricity present torque output speed Reduction ratio
300W-LST90-Q 12V/24V 300W 40A, 20A 22.5N.m 50rpm,100rpm i=50:1, 30:one
300W-LST90-08 12V/24V 245W 50A 22.5N.m-60N.m 75rpm i=50:1, twenty five:1
12V/24V 300W   70 N.m 40rpm i=50:one, 25:one
240W-LST80-Y 12V/24V 240W 25A 22N.m-40N.m 90rpm i=fifty:1, 25:one
130W-LST73-AS 48V 130W 4A 7 N.m 88 rpm i=fifty:1
  130W 4A 11 N.m 55 rpm i=forty:1
320W-LST73-08 12V/24V 320W 45A 36N.m,30N.M 42rpm,62rpm i=fifty:1, 25:1
LST63 12V 20W 5A two.3N.m 83rpm i=seven,i=ten,i=fifteen, i=36
12V 43W 11A 4.3N.m 94rpm i=7,i=10,i=fifteen, i=36
24V 20W 2.5A 2.3N.m 83rpm i=seven,i=10,i=fifteen, i=36
24V 43W five.5A 4.3N.m 94rpm i=7,i=10,i=fifteen, i=36
20V 50W 5A two.4N.m 200rpm i=7,i=10,i=fifteen, i=36
60V 50W two.5A two.4N.m 200rpm i=seven,i=ten,i=15, i=36
LST90-13 12V/24V 300W   36N.m 36rpm-41rpm i=134:one
Wheelchair motor 24V 200W-260W 24.5A 24N.m 120rpm i=32:1
350W-LST80-W 12V/24V 240W-350W 30A 30N.m-45N.m 43rpm,70rpm i=60:one

Our Core selection of DC motors and gearboxes are particularly designed to be interchangeable and flexible, this will help us keep lower inventory stages although obtaining the customization essential for so many purposes. The main provide has also enabled us to provide exceptional pricing ranges for reduced portions, usually prototypes are really high-priced owing to lack of economies of scale we have tried out to help with this as significantly as achievable. HangCZPT CZPT can offer bespoke models for more substantial portions and offer a Supply Chain service in which we perform intently with our clients to determine the ideal shipping and delivery plan in accordance with OEM creation levels. If you are seeking for DC motors and gearboxes you have arrive to the proper place, our skilled specialized sales personnel will recommend the ideal attainable alternative for both your application and your pocket. Make contact with us now to talk about your software.

CZPT Motor Relevant Services Consist of:
•We can provide DC motors, electric transaxle and motor gearbox combos up to 3000W and 250nm for little and big orders.
•We develop bespoke deisgns for orders in excess of one thousand units.
•We provide & offer on time (In accordance to strict OEM production Schedules)
•We create motors to your requirements
•Our units endure rigorous overall performance and software screening just before dispatch
•We assist consumers with the design of programs
•We maintain numerous motor spares

Why You Ought to Use CZPT For Your Motor Requirments?
•Extensive Selection
•Manufactured to Spec
•Able to take care of any size purchase large or tiny
•High Manufacturing facility Capability
•Quantity Discounts

HangCZPT CZPT TRADE CO., LTD is accountable for exporting the earlier mentioned merchandise, and we also import some essential goods from oversea markets.
Our company has obtained the proper of import and export from the Govt section.
It is needed to get your certain requirement when getting in touch with us, for case in point of motor, voltage, electrical power, pace, output torque, connecting kind and size of shaft, outdoors composition drawing or relevant pictures etc. And then we will give the precise delivers.
Consequently, hope to get your feedback quickly.

12V-24V 320W Permanent Magnet DC Worm Gear Reducer Motor on Belitronic Electronic Jigging Fishing Real