110mm DC Brushless Motor with 310V 1903W

CZPT data

  • eight poles with 3 stage
  • eighteen slots layout for low cogging
  • Encoder CZPT
  • Insulation class B, higher insulation class on ask for
  • Sintered Neo Magnet
  • IP sixty five class CZPT


Specification ME110AS300
Provide voltage (reference) 310V DC
Rated constant torque six.06Nm
Rated velocity at cont torque 3000rpm
Rated continuous stall existing 9.12A
Rated steady output energy 1903W
Rated peak torque 18.51Nm
Rated peak present 27.43A
Torque consistent .7059Nm/A
Ke (voltage continuous) 73.88V/krpm
Terminal resistance .9Ω
Inductance three.5mH
Insulation course B
Rotor inertia 7.60E-04kg.m²
Weight 5.5kg
Duration 180mm


Attribute diagram

Special shaft and other mechanical characteristic optional.


110mm DC Brushless Motor with 310V 1903W